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Montessori t-shirts for infant development

Designed by experts, CoocooRoocoo shirts are not only practical and comfortable wear, but also a sensory stimulation play gym for infant development.

High-contrast, intricate designs developed specifically for infant visual stimulation


Build a strong bond with your baby by wearing a shirt that promotes visual engagement and exploration.


High-contrast designs are scientifically proven to develop infants’ sight, brain and nervous system.


Entertain your child by simply wearing CoocooRoocoo t-shirt. And no more additional baby gear around the house!

Scientifically proven infant development benefits tested to work in real life

The Year of Tiger

Collectible Chinese horoscope
inspired t-shirt to commemorate
strong, independent, and brave
2022 tiger babies.

Get yours now!

Tree of Life

A reminder of connection to
everything that symbolizes
life’s journey from the roots (family) through growth and to light.

Get yours now!

Mother Bear

Grounding spirit animal
ready to fearlessly guard her cub
stands for strength, protection and extraordinary power.

Get yours now!

For moms

It’s hard to underestimate the challenges of the fourth trimester. Let us help you to be resourceful, even if you have zero energy to talk to your little one.

For dads

Often new dads feel sidelined and unsure of their new role. Let us help you to communicate with your child, even if you are not yet fluent in babytalk.

For family & friends

Wish you could help new parents with their baby? Let us dress you for success to capture attention of the little one while developing your strong bond of friendship.

Montessori at its best 

"Being a Montessori school instructor, I am impressed by the idea. It’s a wonderful product for infant development"

Caroline Dawson, North Carolina

It actually works!

"I was skeptical at first, but my son now loves it. And I enjoy watching him staring curiously at my shirt for 20 minutes straight."

Andre Leon, Arizona

Great gift idea!

"I wasn't aware this even existed before baby showering. Very thankful to my bestie for opening my eyes with this gift."

Nancy Giménez, California

I love those shirts!

"My shirt is such a hit for our 2 month old! She studies it every time I hold her. And I myself love the design."

Omar Williams, New Jersey

Our Guarantee

We take pride in what we do. It took months for each of our products to be created, with numerous trials and tests on designs, materials, manufacturers and shipping providers.. Our sole goal is to make our customers happy, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve every process and product. On rare occasions, things go wrong, and we are unable to meet our customers' expectations. Especially around holidays, the demand goes way up and slows down fulfillment of orders and shipping time. That is true of any business on the planet. To avoid this, please place your orders before the peak demand period. All of our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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